[FIP - 287] FRAX <> Accumulated Finance – Invite to a private round


  • Accumulated Finance is a liquid staking and on-chain liquidity platform for hidden & future gems – new protocols, low to mid mcap PoS networks, unreleased protocols.
  • Accumulated Finance V1 launched in March 2023

Accumulated Finance V2 is Curve for Liquid Staking Tokens

  • Liquid Staking Pools and Gauges for different protocols
  • veACFI – Voting Escrow ACFI to distribute ACFI rewards across liquid staking pools
  • Stableswap pools for st-tokens (liquid staking derivatives) on Curve
  • Crypto trading pools for non-staked tokens (paired with crvUSD & frxETH)
  • frxETH is used in crypto trading pools, increasing frxETH staking APR
  • Layer 2 for veCRV/vlCVX bribe markets (Accumulated Finance Bribe Market for veACFI/veCRV/vlCVX)


Token & tokenomics

  • ACFI is a governance token of Accumulated Finance
  • veACFI – Voting Escrow ACFI locked for 1-52 weeks and earning platform revenue and bribes

veACFI users can vote on which liquid staking pools will receive the most ACFI emissions and veACFI holders receive protocol fees and bribes.

Protocol revenue model

  • Fees from staking rewards of liquid staking pools
  • Bribes for veACFI deposited to Accumulated Finance Bribe Market
  • Fees from building on-chain liquidity in crypto trading pools (veCRV/vlCVX bribes)

Protocol revenue will be distributed to veACFI holders.

100.000 USD/FRAX for 10.000.000 ACFI

Vesting period
Linear vesting over 12 months or non-vested distribution in form of veACFI locked for 52 weeks (10M veACFI distribution on the launch).

Accumulated Finance is raising 1,000,000$ for a 10% stake in the protocol. (10$M valuation)

Notable investors and commitments:
Michael Egorov (Founder @ Curve), C2tp (Founder @ Convex), Stake DAO team members, De Facto Capital.


  • For: Commits to investing 100.000 USD/FRAX to Accumulated Finance and in return receive 10.000.000 ACFI.
  • Against: Do nothing.

This proposal is up for voting: Snapshot