FRAX <> Accumulated Finance Partnership

Accumulate is an identity-based blockchain protocol with multi-chain support, human-readable addresses, and key hierarchies (website).

Accumulated Finance is a liquid staking protocol for ACME, a native token of Accumulate Protocol. (website).

Accumulate Token
ACME is a native token of Accumulate Protocol with a total supply of 220M and max supply of 500M, 16% of unissued amount is distributed annually to Accumulate Protocol stakers and validators.

WACME is Wrapped ACME, a native ACME bridged to the Ethereum via Accumulate Multi-signature Bridge.

WACME is now available on Bittrex Global and Uniswap.

To build deeper on-chain liquidity for WACME, we are going to deploy two Curve pools and will start incentivizing liquidity providers in these pools with WACME.

At the beginning we will provide direct incentives in WACME via Curve pool contract, and eventually we would like to apply for Curve gauge and move WACME incentives to Votium protocol.

What we are looking for
We would like to pair WACME main pool with frxETH (WACME/frxETH) and are looking for support from the Frax Community – support for our Gauge vote application, bribe incentives.

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We love seeing increased frxETH adoption. What are you looking for exactly? Help getting gauges on Curve, Convex, and Frax?

  1. Support our gauge applications
  2. Co-bribing via Votium