[FIP - 307] Whitelisting PYUSD for Frax Curve AMO


Frax Finance Core Team


This proposal seeks to officially whitelist PayPal USD (PYUSD) into the Frax Curve Automated Market Operator (AMO). This action aims to enhance the diversity and utility of the Frax ecosystem by integrating a stablecoin linked to a major financial service provider.

Background and Motivations:

The inclusion of PYUSD in the Frax Curve AMO will broaden the range of stablecoins within our ecosystem, providing users with more options and enhancing the overall resilience of the platform.

PayPal is a globally recognized financial services provider. The integration of PYUSD can leverage this reputation, potentially attracting new users who trust PayPal’s brand and services. The demand for stablecoins continues to grow within the DeFi space. By adding PYUSD, we are meeting this demand and ensuring our platform remains competitive and relevant.

Proposal Details:

PayPal USD (PYUSD) Address: 0x6c3ea9036406852006290770BEdFcAbA0e23A0e8


  • For: Whitelisting PYUSD for Frax Curve AMO
  • Against: Do nothing

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