[FIP - 368] Create Balancer AMO on Fraxtal


This proposal advocates for the allocation of Frax Protocol-Owned-Liquidity (POL) on Balancer v2 on Fraxtal. Frax will deposit into Balancer with the ability to stake their pool tokens in their preferred rewards contracts (e.g. Aura).

Pool Address Child Gauge Root Gauge Max Allocation
sFRAX / sDAI 0xA0b92B33BeafcE388Ce0092afDcd0cA77323Eb12 0x34E040bC0342EbBfBC7a6306EB1B8E6579185c94 0x58e71Af9CE4378b79dAAf2C4E7be9765c442dFC2 $15,000,000
FRAX / USDe 0xa0Af0B88796C1aA67e93db89FEAd2Ab7aA3D6747 0xf99d875Dd868277cf3780f51D69c6E1F8522a1e9 0x259371cA8AC5E7F3163704Ce58B0dA58820173ed $15,000,000
sFRAX / sUSDe / sDAI 0x33251abeCb0364Df98a27A8D5d7b5CCddc774c42 0x275e8514b83479f526673327B279753aBC666a05 0xEA8Ba6b0cB5908A5d803b01CeAea5a6E65D33508 $15,000,000
sFRAX / sfrxETH 0x1570315476480fA80ceC1FFF07A20c1df1aDfD53 0x71c365fB739faFdba44B1564558849216de69958 0x5f0a99997ab2AcC5097dc5349aDF6985761336ac $10,000,000

As members of the Frax team have mentioned, Fraxtal’s vision is to become the ‘M2 chain’ (e.g. yield bearing assets such as sFRAX are native and foundational), whereas Ethereum mainnet is akin to an ‘M1 chain’ (e.g. ETH isn’t inherently yield bearing). Balancer has solidified its position as a primary liquidity hub for yield bearing assets across the EVM ecosystem evident with over $500m in LST and LRT TVL. Its unique, yet battle-tested, AMM design makes Balancer well positioned to support Fraxtal as an integral part of Fraxtal’s liquidity layer for both yield bearing assets and core strategic liquidity.

While Balancer and Frax have a longstanding and meaningful relationship, this proposal further solidifies that relationship for the betterment of both protocols by establishing the Balancer AMO on Fraxtal with the authorization of Frax POL for certain initial strategic pools on Balancer.

Proposal Details

Allocate a portion of Frax’s POL of sfrxETH, sFRAX, sDAI, FRAX, USDe, and sUSDe into Balancer pools on Fraxtal. The sFRAX / sDAI, sFRAX / sUSDe / sDAI, and sFRAX / sfrxETH pools will be considered core pools on Balancer.

All four pools will be eligible for BAL and AURA rewards.


  • For: Authorize Frax to allocate the specified POL in Balancer Pools on Fraxtal
  • Against: Do nothing

This proposal is up for voting here: Snapshot