[FIP - 376] Enhancing Security and Trust with ChainPatrol

Requested Amount:

  • 36,000 USD ($3,000 USD/mo) for 1 Year Contract

:clipboard: Objective:

ChainPatrol is a Real-Time Security Platform that aims to detect, block and manage takedowns of active malicious threats targeting Frax Finance, keeping the community and organization safe from bad actors.

:clipboard: Description:

As Frax continues to grow and scale, bad actors have an increasing incentive to target the community, organization, and staff members. Online threats vary in nature across each platform and ChainPatrol specializes in detecting, blocking, and taking down these active threats (impersonations, phishing links, wallet drainers).

Our aim is to get the support of Frax Governance to become a valued security partner that works closely with Frax to protect its community, users, and builders through all of the key roadmap events, mitigating the impact of these potential threats on community members.

:shield: Background:

My name is Dave Scalzo and I am the BD Lead and Head of Customer Success for ChainPatrol (a Web3 Cybersecurity company). We started our company approximately 2 years ago with the vision of making the Web3 Space safer.

Everyday, there are new online threats targeting organizations and users in the crypto industry. Our mission is to constantly adapt to these new threat vectors and ensure that our customers and their communities are protected from a variety of different threats across platforms.

ChainPatrol is a very accessible and transparent team supporting security 24/7 across all timezones.

Website: https://chainpatrol.io

This proposal will serve as the next step in complementing the security efforts of Frax Finance.

:purple_circle: Service Offering:


ChainPatrol’s Security Platform will support the Frax team in responding to threats and mitigating their impact by blocking within minutes of detection and managing takedowns.

Reporting Staff

ChainPatrols Reporting team will safeguard the Frax ecosystem. Our comprehensive security suite offers a robust dashboard and auto-detection system to report online threats targeting your brand across domains, social platforms, and marketplaces.

Service Excellence

By mitigating the risks of phishing, impersonation, and fake advertisements, ChainPatrol employs blocking approaches and takedown expertise to protect your community from malicious actors. Our proven success with leading projects such as Arbitrum, The Graph, Starknet, CoW Swap, Linea, and Curve Finance underscores our capability to prevent the loss of community funds swiftly and effectively. ChainPatrol can block malicious domains within 15 minutes across 20 leading crypto wallets, including Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, and Phantom.

Security Dashboard

Implementing ChainPatrol’s Security Suite will make Frax’s Web3 community significantly safer, increasing the operational costs for bad actors over time. Our enterprise protection features include the ChainPatrol Dashboard for viewing reports, active threats, metrics, and takedowns, as well as 24/7 automated monitoring for new threats across domains and social platforms.

Our takedown service covers domains, social platforms, and app stores, with social takedowns spanning across X, Discord, Telegram, Reddit, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, Facebook, and decentralized social platforms. Additionally, ChainPatrol Reporting Bots (for Discord and Slack) facilitate easy reporting from your team and community. By partnering with ChainPatrol, Frax can ensure a secure, trusted environment for its users and stakeholders.

:hammer_and_wrench: Arbitrum: Safeguarding the ARB Token Launch

Arbitrum is a leading Layer 2 technology that empowers you to explore and build in the largest Layer 1 ecosystem: Ethereum.

Arbitrum Foundation approached us to ensure a secure and successful ARB token launch in March 2023. Our team immediately began detecting a surge of impersonation attempts and implemented a multi-layered security strategy to protect the Arbitrum community and brand in the wider ecosystem.

ARB Token Launch

During the first twelve days of the ARB token launch, ChainPatrol effectively blocked 1200+ online threats across leading crypto wallets. The fast response protection at wallets was critical to preventing widespread losses from impersonation, and speeding up takedowns from several days to just a few minutes.

Arbitrum shines as an industry leader, recognizing the overwhelming pain point of malicious domains and the direct impact threats have on the growth of its online community.

“Keeping the Arbitrum community safe is an interative and ongoing process that ChainPatrol has helped to simplify, as well as improve, with the removal of over 4000 threats and scams” - @Eli_Defi, Community Lead, Arbitrum Foundation

:footprints: Next Steps:

Once approved, ChainPatrol’s first action with Frax will be to work closely with staff to add all of the required assets necessary to train our systems.

Below are the initial key steps to the onboarding process:

  1. Collect Legal Documents
  • Power of Attorney
  • Letter of Authorization
  • Trademarks Details
  1. Add all brand assets and URLs to the dashboard
  2. Add Social Profiles of key Frax Staff Members
  3. Add Discord or Slack Reporting Bot for the Community.
  • Staff and community members will be able to both check and report suspected malicious assets, using the /check and /report commands

:dizzy: Ongoing Support in 2024

The success of our service comes from ensuring that we maintain an open and honest flow of communication between our team and the Frax community and staff. As such, after completion of onboarding, ChainPatrol will provide continuous support through the following actions:

  • 24/7 Triaging of Threats Shared through Communication Channels (Telegram, Discord, Slack)
    • Our team will maintain open daily communication with Astar to address threats detected by community and staff
  • Monthly Threat Snapshot Reports
    • Provides transparency to the metrics associated with our protection efforts
  • Regular Touchpoint Meetings
    • Stay up-to-date on key roadmap events upcoming, ensuring any new brand assets are appropriately added to our systems

:mega: Links & Contact Info:

E-mail - davide@chainpatrol.io
Telegram - @dschainpatrol

ChainPatrol looks forward to being a trusted security partner of Frax!

Thank you all for your consideration!


  • For: Approve 36,000 USD ($3,000 USD/mo) for 1 Year Contract with ChainPatrol
  • Against: Do nothing

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