FIP-38: Whitelist OlympusDAO to stake veFXS


Add OlympusDAO to veFXS whitelist to be able to create veFXS locks, vote on gauges+earn farming boosts, and other future veFXS functions.

Background & Motivation

OlympusDAO is very pleased with the partnership we have with Frax Finance. As we’re getting FXS from Olympus Pro, as well as from the recent DAO swap, we’d like to further support Frax by taking this FXS out of circulation and locking it up. We currently hold 166,679 FXS.

For: Add OlympusDAO to veFXS whitelist

Against: Do nothing


Only happy feelings towards this proposal. Fraximalists <3 Ohmies.

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the more the better… drives up adoption

of course this is a yes from me!