FIP-4 Community Building Committee


Propose FIP-4 for the minimum 5 day discussion prior to being submitted for snapshot to vote. FIP-4 would authorize, if passed, the creation and election of a trial Community Building Committee for a term of three months. The committee will oversee a small discretionary fund of 1000 FXS. The committee members will be incentivized to pursue election by being provided an inaugural Community Building Committee NFT and 150 FXS vested for 1 year.


Building a strong culture that isn’t just price speculation is very important - we should be establishing a community that promotes activities that foster a sense of belonging while focusing on engagement to build out our protocol and support the core team. A Community Building Committee would be able to achieve this through managing events and promotions funded by a small discretionary fund.

An example of the work the committee could do is run a competition for submissions on a mission and vision statement for the protocol.


It is proposed that we establish a community building committee with 1 member selected by the Frax team and 4 community members elected by vote (this could probably be most easily done through scattershot).

Nominations will be made through a discord channel and will be open for a period of two weeks. Each nominee will be eligible to be elected - the 4 candidates with the highest percentage vote will be elected.

Each elected member of the committee will be designated a role on snapshot, the forum, telegram and discord and will be provided an inaugural Community Building Committee NFT and 150 FXS vested for 1 year.

The committee will oversee a community building discretionary fund for community activities of 1000 FXS. The committee can propose FIP’s for other or further funding.

The committee will have a channel on discord which can be managed at their discretion.

The term of the trial will be for 3 months - with a review allowing for further continuation of the program by a further FIP.


Community building is very important for long term health of the protocol and its mission.

For: Authorize a trial of electing 5 member Community Building Committee (with 4x members elected from the community) for a term of 3 months with a discretionary fund of 1000 FXS. As an incentive to pursue election provide the elected members an inaugural Community Building Committee NFT and 150 FXS vested for 1 year.

Against: Do authorize a Community Building Committee at this time.

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Can the same person be a Governance Ambassador and also on the Community Building Committee?

Hi Brazy - I don’t think we should limit this - although it seems to me that having different people will likely be the result as they are voted on by the community