[FIP - 96] FRAX-SDL Fraxswap Gauge

Sam Kazemian

Deploy a FRAX-SDL Fraxswap gauge to the gauge controller.

Background and Motivation
Saddle.finance is a solidity implementation stableswap DEX similar to Curve. Saddle has launched many of their base pools with FRAX included as the stablecoin. They have also launched a Saddle version of FRAXBP on their Ethereum pools with plans to expand this offering. FRAX has also deployed a significant amount of POL to these pools to earn SDL and become the base routing liquidity+lock veSDL.

Currently Saddle has only an ETH-SDL Sushiswap pool for their governance token. It would be a great idea to deploy a FRAX-SDL Fraxswap pool+gauge for Saddle to capture a majority of the SDL trading and allow Saddle to create pitch/bribe incentives for gauge voters.


For: Deploy a FRAX-SDL Fraxswap gauge to the gauge controller.

Against: Do nothing


More bribers the merrier


Love to see it! Gigabrains in action…! Let’s go $FRAX $FXS $SDL!

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This proposal is up for voting here: Snapshot

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Greetings Frax!

Just wondering if you know/could share an update on this one?

I see that 95% of all voting addresses were “For” and also the results pretty strongly “For”…but I am wondering / looking to confirm quorum was reached as well…? It is a bit confusing on Snapshot as it only shows one number… but here is what I see in the GraphQL Query:



Hey 0xWeston
the actual number for quorum is 7,178,378 , and the total vote is (7,138,976 + 2,301) 7,141,277 so this proposal did not pass the quorum.

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Got it. Thank you for the clarification! :pray:

The Saddle team has requested we put this proposal to another snapshot vote seeing as how quorum was missed by only a few FXS votes in total with 99%+ yes votes.

In line with this, I think the community should also propose a general rule update to our normal governance process that allows revotes of FIPs 1 time on request of either the FIP author or project team. This allows for revotes of FIPs that have not hit quorum 1 time but prevents revote spam requests that never have a chance of hitting quorum.

For this specific FIP-96, both FRAX and Saddle team propose a revote of this FIP once more to attempt to reach quorum. If quorum is not reached, this FIP should permanently fail.


seems like the saddle team could have pushed this over the line with a bribe or buying up some voting power.