FIP 92 - Add FRAX-FPIS Fraxswap Gauge

Sam Kazemian
Travis Moore

Deploy a FRAX-FPIS Fraxswap gauge to the gauge controller.

Background and Motivation
After the launch of the FPI stablecoin and expansion of FPI staking venues on Curve+Convex+FXS gauges, it’s important to roll out utility and yield for FPIS (the governance token of the FPI stablecoin). One of the first places to do this is to get FPIS LPs yield in the FXS gauge system. The FPI protocol itself can also bribe/incentivize veFXS voters with FPIS to increase the FRAX-FPIS gauge weight and get a profitable yield (as well as deploy POL itself potentially). Thus, we propose the next step in FPIS utility be a new gauge pair preceding the launch of veFPIS.

It’s important to note that for FXS gauges, the trading pair must be FRAX-FPIS instead of FPI-FPIS. Once veFPIS and associated emissions are released publicly in the coming weeks, the community+team can propose creating FPI trading pairs as well where applicable.


For: Deploy a FRAX-FPIS Fraxswap gauge to the gauge controller.

Against: Do nothing


Let’s get it! No brainer

lets goooooooooooooooooooo

Let’s get this gauge up!

Snapshot vote is live here: Snapshot

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