FIP - Re-propose prior FIP for purchasing ETH with AMO profits

FIP - TBD - Re-propose prior FIP for purchasing ETH with AMO profits


Mark11/Capt - Community Members (resubmission of a prior FIP authored by Sam Kazemian)


Propose this draft FIP for the minimum 5-day discussion (3 days see note** below) prior to being submitted for snapshot to vote.

Redirect the 50% of FXS1559 burns to purchase ETH from Uniswap and place it in FXS-ETH LP for 60 days. After 60 days, community can vote to extend this ETH purchase program indefinitely or re-instate burns. This would be a trial run to see how reinvesting AMO profits into the protocol goes.


Sam Kazemian previously authored a FIP Frax Finance which passed with 92%, however, as FRAX governance was in its infancy - it had low turnout and was not executed.

After further discussions within the community this I believe it is time to revisit this proposal and determine if it has broad support through re-proposing it for a snapshot vote.


If adopted, this proposal seeks to route 50% of the AMO profits that are currently going to burning FXS to purchasing protocol owned ETH for 60 days. The ETH is then continually placed in FXS-ETH LP through an AMO. The LP is not eligible to earn any farming rewards so it would not be competitive in any way with community rewards. Currently there is no FXS rewards for any FXS-ETH pair, but if there was, the FXS-ETH AMO would not be eligible for FXS yields so it would not be competitive with farmers.


A prior governance proposal created by Justin Bram and Brazy.eth successfully passed to reroute 50% of AMO profits to veFXS holders and was a huge success. This current FXS-ETH proposal was inspired by YFI’s similar idea of “own the land on which we operate” posted here: Own The Land (Eth) On Which We Operate - Finance -

Sam believes (and I agree) reinvesting part of the AMO profits back into the protocol itself could yield just as much of a success if not more. This 60-day trial period is ideal and does not commit to changing the FXS1559 dynamic other than accruing more FXS-ETH liquidity which is a great way to increase FXS value. Additionally, if FXS1559 burns are re-instated, a governance proposal can be made to simply use the accrued ETH to burn the FXS itself which would retroactively create a similar amount of deflationary pressure for FXS if desired. So I believe either way this proposal is a good idea.


There is a risk that the price of ETH crashes making the purchased ETH-FXS less valuable than other opportunities. The length of the trial should mitigate any substantial impact of this occurring.


For: support the purchasing of ETH with half of the AMO profits which are currently burning FXS and depositing to FXS-ETH pair through AMO for 60 day trial period (this would make AMO profits distribution as follows: 25% burn FXS, 25% purchase ETH, 50% distributed to veFXS)

Against: no change at this time

**(Note community member @Capt has begun the discussion of this FIP in a separate post here Redirect 25% of amo profits to butiks ETH instead of FXS. Use ETH and FXS to supply liquidity on uniswap v3 - #2 by justinabraham - thanks for getting the ball rolling - as such this proposal will only require 3 further days of discussion)


I’m totally onboard for this idea. I guess the only thing to consider is that FXS1559 provides a price floor guarantee to FXS in some ways.

veFXS stakers and long term members of the community feel very safe knowing that FXS has very powerful value accrual mechanisms through the burn and veFXS yield.

I think a good middle ground would be to pass this proposal but with some kind of FXS price floor guarantee that at X FXS price, the ETH purchases would be turned off and channeled back to full burns. That should give the best of both worlds for everyone. I propose the price floor of FXS to be $1.50 so at that point, all purchases of ETH (or anything in the future) would programmatically be switched off and sent to burning FXS.

Overall, I support this proposal strongly.

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