Frax.Pro Website

tldr 3 months of work for $40,000 (of fxs) to complete website + add global dashboard (cross-chain analytics).

Happy new year fraximalists!

Last October i got started on with the aim of building out a website that showcases the awesomeness of frax. I’ve been limited with time in the last 2 months and unfortunately, it’s still incomplete :frowning:

I’d love to commit my time and finish this off. My proposal is for a grant that lets me

1 - Finish website in English & Chinese (So it can be go-to destination for someone to learn about Frax)

2 - Build a global dashboard where analytics are provided cross chain.

I’ll get this done within the next 3 months and i’m looking for a grant of $40,000 (paid in fxs).

I’m also interested in doing more work for the community beyond the scope of this project after the 3 months. I’d like to showcase my value with this bit of work.

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Idea is interesting :+1: but why not to talk with webmaster and integrate that pro page into frax community page what you can manage here and develop further?
I see more value in integration and it would be seen by more people.


By integrate with frax community, do you mean with the site?

I would like that as well! The more eyes the better.

yes. propose to them.

@samkazemian @jasonhuan thoughts?

Would you be supportive of this proposal to further the work of and give it more visibility by linking/directing it from frax’s main site?

I’d love to cooperate as well. has been up for a while but needs some love to provide real utility to Frax. I have some great dashboard designs that still need to be implemented. And I’m currently working on a personal staking dashboard.

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I think this is a good proposal+idea. I would like to figure out a way for you to make this in some way profitable and interesting for you other than a 1 time grant if possible, any ideas? I don’t think charging for UI is a sustainable business strategy (which was my first idea) but it would be really cool for this to become one of the first non-core-team run front ends. We need more decentralization in Frax portals. So far the main ways to interact with FRAX is, zapper, & debank. The more independent community run front ends we get the better, especially if they are profitable for maintainers in addition to earning FXS grants.


Perhaps some time filtering component of the global dashboard could be monetized (full history / realtime / etc), but i’d rather build the UI/dashboard to be fully accessible to anyone in the FRAX community. I wouldn’t want to restrict views on tools that can expand the ecosystem.

Another thing i’d be interested to work on - a frax.js sdk for devs to use FRAX/FPI for checkout/payments (stripe on top of FRAX protocol). My instincts are that this is still too early, but maybe not and this would have a small take rate for monetization. :eyes: