FRAX <> Renaissance

Partnering together would be beneficial for both projects


FRAX + Renaissance will change the game


I 100% agree with you, Cloud


Would be a great partnership


This i good project
I believe Renaissance will be a gamechanger of NFT MARKET and Defi

A lot of money is flowing into the nft market.
But most of qualified NFTs are traded in ETH.

The partnership between FRAX and Renaissance will also help to increase dominance of FRAX in the nft market.

I think, One of the good point is that I will be able to hold NFT assets like ETF through DAO


1>We appreciate the fact that NFT’s simple purchase of NFTs is a smart way to break the entry barrier.

2>But even more exciting for investors who want a small stake in a simple NFT is that it works with FRAX through that investment.

3>Investors will get not only NFT profits but also Frax-Ark LP.
Investors start using Frax.
Even people who see Frax for the first time

4>This is a huge opportunity for frax. Experience of using frax rather than usdt by coming to see renaissance. Isn’t it so cool? And the value of that investment will eventually lead to an increase in the value of ART.

5>We must participate in renaissance’s defi program, which will be a powerful force in the starting aurora chain.

6>I think it is essential for investors, renaissance, frax, and the blockchain ecosystem.

7>Is aurora difficult? It will rise significantly in the future and lead the blockchain. At the heart of it is renaissance and frax.


Looks the goods! Very promising!


Would love Renaissance to partner with FRAX


Frax + Renaissance, Great team 100% Agree


I think this partnership would be a benefit for both FRAX and Renaissance DAO!


Let’s do that thang!!! Gonna be COOL for both FRAX and Renaissance!!


GREAT PROPOSAL! This proposal will benefit both parties!

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This looks awesome. WIN WIN .

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It is awesome. I’m happy to know about this project.

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Yeah~!! Let’s get it!!!

RenaissanceDAO is a project funded by NEAR and Aurora. It is amazing to work with this project. I believe there will be many more partnerships in the future.

This means a significant benefit to Frax as well, as you will be working with NEAR.

FRAX’s partnerships are worthy of other partners’ interest, and there will be many more soon.

First of all, I pay tribute to the hard-developing Renaissance Dao. By linking FRAX liquidity to Aurora in partnership with FRAX, the future of Renaissance Dao seems to be brighter.
Let’s all work together to take up a large scale in the NFT and Defi markets.

Through the collaboration between FRAX and Renaissance DAO, Prax will be able to gain more and more new users.

Also, investors will be able to confirm the stability of FRAX and I’m sure it will lead to purchase and reliability of FRAX.

I’m very happy that I’m working on something great.

Awesome!!! I cant wait!!!