FRAX & VHR custom partnership

Virtual Horse Racing (VHR) is reaching out FRAX to truly build a custom partnership from the ground up to maximize synergy. As our name suggests we are a metaverse version of Horseracing. The game its self will pioneer features and unique revenue streams never seen before even in this industry. Possibly even more interesting is the roadmap includes the ability to place bets at Bars, Corner Stores, real race tracks, casinos, and the alike. At these physical locations, anyone can change cash for crypto (Including but not limited to our Stable Coin VHR). This is a low-barrier approach to introduce more people directly to the crypto community. Since many of these users are at the beginning of their learning curve journey, we want to make it as easy as possible for them to manage their idle funds like a crypto expert. FRAX community are masters in this area so perhaps we can make “1 click solutions” or have it in such laymen’s terms that anyone can grasp without needing to do the heavy lifting.
Again we would like FRAX team to work closely with the mechanics of VHR token as well the previously mentioned “1 click solutions” so we can develop maximum synergy with FRAX from a ground-up custom design.

do you have any links to your game , website, white paper ect ?

Yes to all of the above but let me explain where we are atm. Our Developers are still building out the game on Unity Platform (which is also open to the community creating custom race courses in unity. Think racing around the wonders of the world or whatever someone may design, there is no limits.) At this stage we are beginning to develop the VHR stable coin and up until this point we were in complete stealth mode since we have atleast 2 direct competitors who may launch around the same time or slightly before so we didn’t want to give away any advantages we currently hold in the market. Our Debut is just under 3 months at South by South West 2022 (SXSW). We would love to provide features without spoiling the first mover advantage. The website is our full name VirtualHorseRacing(both .com and .io) but atm the public can only see the place holder page. We will be accessible via web, Android, IOS. As well as streaming app for fire/chrome sticks. The in game ecosystem is very profitable in a way that every player be in the profit even if they never race or always lose every race. We would love to hear feedback on all the features of the platform, but the purpose of the proposal was to create a stable coin that is as reliable as FRAX, which we believe may support a entirely different CR. We would like FRAX help in the developing of VHR token so together we may come up with maximally mutual beneficial ideas down at the creation of the original smart contract level. Also for the “1 click solutions” we would like to include all the partners and teachings of FRAX in a simplistic UI manner. Everyone that has tokens within the game can instantly put it to use. The tokens could have come from Wager winnings, Selling a horse, breeding a Horse or racing a horse, Hosting Races, Daily challenges, Hosting other events, selling gear, selling feed, Sell services like Race Jockey and Trainer. And more streams of revenue to be revealed closer to the launch date as well. All being considered we will accelerate our marketing plan so these various channels will be open. The main purpose of the proposal was not to market for the game but to create a symbiotic relationship with the FRAX community. We believe that working together during the design phase of the token and idle liquidity will prove to be more fruitful for all than creating a partnership with FRAX after creating these features without FRAXs influence

i requested links and information, you said yes but then provided none?

your asking for a partnership, Maybe you would like to let us know who you are or whos in your team ?

The link to the main site was provided and will be live in January. The two founders of VHR have been in the crypto community 24 years collectively with the last notable project being pizzadao’s world’s largest pizza party. Our California Team of amazing unity Developers comes from Appingine. I will attach their portfolio and linkedin
Mobile App Development Company In Los Angeles | Appingine
We have advantageous heavy hitting marketing partners with ties to many red carpet events and celebs within them based out of Austin Texas and Los Angels CA. As mentioned earlier SXSW in Austin is the official Launch. For those who are unfamiliar some notable companies that launched previously at SXSW are Twitter, Foursquare, and oculus. It’s a giant festival for nearly 2 weeks with music, movies, tech. A not uncommon media title is “Spring Break for Geeks”. We believe this atmosphere is perfect for seeing people gambling, cheering, buying horses, winning crypto live in front of them. And we will know we did our job with the UI “1 Click solutions” if after a day of ‘partying’ at all these tech exhibits any user can easily understand and make use of idle funds the fraximalist way

i have contacted you via your other channels to confirm you represent Appingine.

can i have the names of the 2 founders please.

You are barking up the wrong trees. Ask me a question? I dont represent Appingine, they were hired to develop the game. You want to research me? Well ill be Honest I went to Drexel University for Engineering for 4 years (5 year co-op program) before they told me i was too in debt to keep getting loans (about 24 credits short) Since then ive worked only jobs that could care less about degrees. My name is Jesse James. Yes thats my real name. Again good for you but why have you not said one constructive thing either criticism or input

Also i have not posted any channels that are live so please make sure you post to the right person. i will have to get the up asap to please only you sparkes… Hold on tight you are deviating from the launch plan.

i have not made any criticisms, i have simply asked for information about your project and the team involved.

who are you and the founders?.

can we see your white paper?

can we see your website?

i dont see why these would be an abnormal things to ask.

i also dont understand why me asking these things would cause you to change your launch plans, but if you have plans it would be nice to see them, do you have a link to your road map?

as someone who has been involved with the betting industry i have some questions which may be answered in your doc’s, this is why im asking to see them.

what KYC system or service are you gong to use to confirm your app users are of legal betting age?
what licenses are you applying for / have been granted ?
what system do you have in place to stop users using the betting app in a location you dont have a license for ?
if people can only use the app in casinos, bars , ect and your using these locations to confirm the age and location of the person betting, then will the device they use to place bets belong to the person or the bar? if they belong to the bar how many devices and who pays for them?, if they belong to the person whats to stop them betting when they are not at one of those locations?
whats your plans for betting across state lines or in restricted pool countries?

Thank you for finally asking questions. The road map, white paper are going to be live on the site thats what i was refering to with your demands to see them now. The interest is appreciated for that ill post a redacted white paper on here (missing a few 1st of its kind features till closer to launch) Keep a eye out this month.
As stated I’m a founder and my educational background. Do you want my mother’s maiden name? ;p I’m kidding please let me know what is important to you. If it’s a masters degree I can tell you I was robbed of that oppritunity so I don’t have those type paper qualifications. I’ve worked many jobs and projects since college but again I don’t know what you want to ask.

Now to the actual meat and potatoes.
Great question about the betting and kyc requirements. This is quite simple at launch. Everyone will have a ID, 21+braclets, and a sxsw Pass with their name on it. But you are right our legal department is working out the jurisdictional laws. Ps we are not the only NFT metaverse horse racing game that allows betting. Photo finish 2 will launch with a simular feature aswell. Not every country nor every US state allow betting, thus its not a simple blanket answer for now. 3rd party esports betting sites fufill their own kyc requirements. However most importantly the ingame economy, does not rely on betting. The advantage of betting is opening the doors to new audiences and allows for easier access to buying crypto simular to crypto to how crypto atm/checkout function today.

The app is available to everyone, my apologies on that not being clear. The app will allow you to see your stable, manage horses, races, stadium track income, training farm income ect. Betting does not happen directly within our app interface

Interesting questions about geolocation. Most betting apps use this for state lines regulation and I believe some casinos also have somthing if you are on their specic network.

The device will be owned by the users. There is no immeadite plans for a in-house horse betting device (or to allow current electronic horse racing tickets). This would be a cool future step but in general the launch is lean. The key concept is simple make the game as profitable as possible for the players. I look forward to hearing your thoughts of the ingame economy. I’ll send you a personal dm the moment the whitepaper can be seen :wink:

My very first post was a question so i dont understand you comment about me finally asking questions.

I think its a bit naive to say this is simple.

So you will be looking to build a data base of user information, what protection do the app users have that stops you using this information to create another income? (selling information to other betting companies)

What process do you have in place to stop a child using a parents id?

This information will need to be processed manually , who will be doing this?

Other betting projects are not asking us to be involved, other betting projects are not following the laws. This does not make it ok.

Other E-sports betting companies follow a set of very strict laws and regulations in every country they operate in and are fined or shut down if they dont. They also have to follow strict advertising laws to avoid their products being promoted to children or problem gamblers. They also have to follow the TAX laws in every country and comply with the legal betting limits.

This may be important for the app users, but from this partnership proposal the most important thing for FRAX is not doing prison time for creating an illegal betting app.

eg in the USA

“Illegal Gambling Business Act of 1955 makes it a criminal offense to own, operate, supervise, finance, or manage an illegal gambling business”

later updated with “Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA)” to increase the way online gambling money service providers are punished

with up to 5 years prison if found guilty.

This does not really answer the question, I asked what you are doing, not what you think other betting sites are doing

Where does the betting happen?

What gambling restriction companies and gambling charities are you working with and have you already made agreement for what currency will be used for your forced chartable donations and payment of service?

Will you be doing 2 different types of promotion when promotion your game, one for all ages (betting not included) and one for adults with betting included?

Will you have 2 different communities, discords, telegrams, twitter, ect ( one for children and one for adults) to avoid promoting betting to kids?

Your hearts in the right place just not your aggressiveness. Much like a parent protecting their child I understand your fear of liable risk. But this should be an open forum. I love the ideas but to avoid confusion amongst all readers let’s make sure you are clear when you are assuming when you are asking How something is being done, or if you are pitching an alternative. Just from the sounds of it, your idea of forced charity sounds sketchy at best. The betting will be carefully rolled out, the app itsself will launch before. Also it is a simple feat when in a bubble-like SXSW like said before. To scale will be different. You will see why this company is protected every which way and is ensuring compliance throughout. You might also find all this concern quite silly after discussing more so lets continue. As the kyc requirements would be similar to decentralized liquidity pools requirements.

Betting in horseracing is traditionally a pari-mutuel bet (odds are determined by respective wager pool sizes). For now let us break this down and explore one possible solution (The lawyers will continue to find which solutions work for which areas) The more total value that is staked on a horse before the race the lower the payout, the less total value staked on a horse would hold a higher return. The placement of the horses is what determines the weight of your prize. Starting to sound slightly familiar, right? This means the staking/betting can be done via open-source contract. The staked amount can also be conditional on a specific race, across several/all races, on % of owners winnings, ect. The possibilities go on from here. Maybe someone doesn’t like to outright use their funds to join a specific race, instead the yield from a pool could give them tokens to place in the traditional parimutuel race pools.

Now ill address the risk question. First and foremost there is no risk to Frax with having a hand in the token omics of the stable coin. There are several layers of the strongest corporate vails the US offers. What you have referenced for online gambling is very dated and most importantly the “gambling” smart contract is self-governed (not owned or centralized company) & contained within its own LLC. The stable coin smart contract will be considered an entirely different limited liability company (LLC) than the pari-mutuel pool (betting) contract company, which is also separate from the app itself. We are also seeking sandbox protection for the first 3 years to even further protect, which is insured. The risks are contained within each individual smart contract and its respective corporate veil LLC so only the smart contract itself is at risk.

Yes I agree there with different communities. There will be separate community groups for various age and languages. The main chats will be for anyone who only wants to be exposed to everything the ap has to offer with no mention of the spectators’ bets. That being said there are various reasons why anyone of any age would want to know how to judge all of their race competition. They may want to enter races, pvp, 3v3, and various game modes. It’s possible to gain various sponsorships with success (winning horses sponsors will get premium short ad after win). Maybe enter a Maiden claiming race to get a good price on your foal. Or perhaps selling information as a service by providing your ranked picks for various races. Anyone can do this for free but the most accurate could charge their followers if they so choose. No sponsors or ads will be for betting

im not being aggressive, im just asking questions you seem to be avoiding.

This is a legal requirement for gambling operators that offer services to the UK and EURO countries. its not my idea.

you have stated there wont be betting on the app, so where will it be rolled out.

you keep saying this, but you dont seem to have a clue about compliance.

There is no KYC on DeFi liquidity pools, so your saying you wont have any KYC or means to prove age.

The date the law came in to force dose not mean its no longer enforced, many laws where put in place decades ago and are still enforced today.

This just implies that you dont care about following the laws because there wont be a company that can be charged with breaking them, but if there is a partnership launching a betting app then both parties can be charged equally and the FRAX team members are public knowledge so it wont be hard to find and charge them.

I have taken the time to let you troll this chat so you must atleast give me credit. It’s outdated because it has nothing to do with the app or frax at all neither of those things have betting in them. There is litterally dozens of routes all being discussed by lawyers for betting and is not rolled out at the same time.
Your concern was risk to the frax team. There is no risk only reward.
You can keep trolling if you want. I was going to DM you later today (before reading this) to gather all your thoughts, questions, and concerns for the next proposal.
But to be honest you have a hard on for trolling. We have gone through every length to continue to build and stay within all laws. I don’t see you asking that on other partnerships… but none the less I explained how there is no risk and if there was risk we wouldn’t deploy the betting solutions.

Once you want to be serious. DM me your real concerns so they can be addressed.

Ps I’m not going to get into how your wrong about banking and internet gambling laws you listed but they dont apply to VHR or frax. The law debate is best saved for the professional lawyers

I’m not trolling.

you are asking FRAX to help you build a protocol that involves betting, so betting laws matter if you like it or not, no matter the age of the laws.

Yes there are many ways to roll out as a betting provider, some are legal and many are not so im asking questions to work out what way you plan to go.

This is simply incorrect.

Dont DM me, if you have information to share then you should post it here. i feel i have made my concerns and questions pretty clear. but just to be clearer ;

I’m concerned you are trying to use the FRAX dev team to help you build a betting app that has a complete disregard to local laws and promotes gambling to children.

how can this be if you dont know the laws? every time i mention a law you act like its the first time you heard of it.

On other partnerships i dont need to ask the questions because its on their white paper, i requested your white paper and you refused to supply it.

also , can you please stop calling me a troll, im simply asking you for information because you have very limited information about your protocol posted in public, i dont expect to be insulted because of this.

so where will the betting be rolled out if its not on the app?

what chain will you operate on?

Not trying to insult but what you are doing is trolling. I will not DM you first bit want all your inquires solved and at this point your incorrect rants have derailed the convo offtopic consistantly. I will not let a troll run the conversation but I want all your questions answered so dm them and I will answer one by one till your satisfied
Betting has nothing to do with the game or app or frax period. So if that’s your concern I’m glad it’s solved. Betting is a stand alone feature with its own rollout and is infact a seprete entity under Wyomings sandbox protection laws. However I’m not saying that’s an end all solution just one of them and it proves there is no risk that you keep insisting there is. The only protocol being discussed are protocols already deployed by frax and a algorithmic stable coin. That is the entirety and will be the only available features. When done correctly bridging into wagering and cryptokiosks will bring in a new crowd into crypto. Btw if for some reason laws changed regarding crypto bets we would abide them or close that 3rd party contract. Its a seperate legal entity with its own 3 year sandbox protection. Is absurd how you keep questioning the legality of a play to earn game. Specially since there is a legal team dedicated specifically.
There are various game modes aswell being explored by the legal department that employ more of a fantasy sports point system aswell. We want a platform that is fun, safe, easy understood, and profitable system for everyone. I’d love to here questions or thoughts you have on anything pertaining to the app. Please use this thread for such conversations. If you have more inquires not related to the platform or fraxs proposed involvment (i.e possible future betting partnerships) then feel free to dm those

Im not trolling, im simply asking questions about your project.

I will not DM, DM is only for scammers.

This thread is here so people can ask questions about your proposal, i have only asked questions about the project you propose we work with.

you say the app has nothing to do with betting , but in your other posts you state people will be able to bet on the outcome of the results on the app. so this clearly shows that betting will be related.

you have not resolved my concerns, you are just adding to them.

ok, so your only launching the betting in Wyoming … thats something you have not mentioned before. and how do you intend to launch the betting if its not on the app?

what? so there wont be horse racing NFT’s ?

i have never mentioned anything about play to earn games, i have only asked about the betting legality, but it would be nice to learn about your legal team, are they in house or 3rd party and how are they currently being funded?

so your proposing a partnership with FRAX but saying we cant ask questions about how FRAX would be involved in the thread thats meant to be for discussing it ?

so to be clear, you want FRAX to help you build a stable coin that can be used on your horse racing play to earn game that intends to also launch a betting platform in 1 state of one country?

The bit i dont really get is why waste time, effort and $m’s making another stable coin when you can just use one thats already been created.