Frax x Wand Partnership | Open Invitation

Greetings to all Fraximalists. CryptoVangelist here, assisting with bringing something special to the beloved frax community. Heads up, this will be an informal proposal. I want to open up dialogue and propose a partnership between WAND Investments and the Frax community. I’m extremely excited to make known how beneficial it would be to bring this match made in heaven into reality.

First off, you might be asking, what is WAND Investments? WAND is a protocol that offers high to low risk strategies for investors. The write up in the medium/whitepaper eloquently demonstrates how the protocol achieves this… (WAND Investments Whitepaper : The Ever-Increasing Token | by WAND Investments | Coinmonks | Medium)
tl;dr: If short on time, here’s a quick twitter thread rundown:


Keeping this short and sweet, let’s first start with a conversation between both founders. Sam, we are open and ready to collaborate with you as soon as you and the frax community see the truth in our tokenomics model and thesis toward long-term sustainability. DM’s are open…


Basically, Frax needs more long-term and sustainable defi protocols making use of its stablecoin, and WAND is looking for lucrative rates on borrowing and staking FRAX for expansion on its treasuries. All feedback and questions on this open proposal are welcomed.