LOBIS partnership

Right now LOBIS holds 156k of FXS tokens in its protocol assets and has been whitelisted to stake them in the veFXS contract which clearly shows they have a long term interest in the FRAX protocol.


But i would like to propose the following;

We approach LOBIS and ask them for the same offer they made to OHM.

They offer an interest free loan of LOBI, we then match it with FRAX in an AMO.

The FRAX protocol will generate an income from the AMO profits.

Investors could then also stake in the same pool and use LP tokens to buy LOBI at a discount (5 day vesting)

The LOBIS protocol will gain a $ stable coin liquidity pool for there investors to use as an on/ off ramp.

This will result in the LOBIS protocol having LOBI/FRAX LP tokens which they could choose to keep , or they could remove the assets and use the FRAX to buy governance tokens like FXS, CRV etc. as they see fit.

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i been thinking … maybe we should get LOBIS to agree to remove the assets from the LP tokens and use the FRAX to buy FXS.

this will result in the following…

lets say an investor wanted to invest $100k in LOBI, they could just buy it on the open market and get $100k of LOBIS.
or they could buy $50k of FRAX + $50k of LOBI, deposit that in to the LP and use the LP tokens to buy LOBI at a discount on the LOBIS UI.

this will result in the investor getting more then $100k of LOBI for his $100k investment (but he will have a 5 day vesting) so the invsteor will get more for his money.

From LOBIS point of view they will end with $50k of buying pressure on the open market, $100k+ of LOBI locked in vesting, $50k of FXS assets and $50k of LOBI returned to the protocol.

from FRAX point of view they will see $50k of buying pressure on FRAX + $50k of selling pressure (net neutral), $50k of buying pressure on FXS and that $50k will now be held by a long term investor (LOBIS protocol). they will also see $150k of volume on their trading pools

seems like a win for all sides unless im missing something.

it seems LOBIS have already started looking at making a deal with FRAX with this DAO to DAO swap proposal on there governance proposals.


maybe this is a batter way to do things and we should put up a vote to see if we would agree to this swap.