Main gauge UNIv3 FRAX USDC- attract stable farmers



Spend treasury fund to advertise Frax stable farming - during potential bear market


Since the chart of Bitcoin and Ethereum don’t look healthy w/ world pandemic not getting better, I propose Frax community to support some attractive advertisement for Frax’s main Gauge Univ3 FRAX USDC or other gausges with les risk of IL because all those dry powder retailers want to put their stables put to work

Many ways to yield on stables at this time and I know more farmers on stables mean more FXS sellers periodically which still can be balanced with farmers first having to buy up FRAX in open market.


Delphi Capital intriduced they were farming on Frax (Gauge Univ3 FRAXUSDC) bc less lisk IL and profit in FXS still overweighs Cefi APY 8~10%.