PitchFXS pitch money exit


I would like to propose the rage quit option similar to what was passed with the temple gauge for those people who are trapped inside the pitchFXS protocol.
Liquidity for any large positions inside of pitch have never materialized and the ‘Rewards’ function never works for me, as to this date I have been locked in the protocol for 2 months with no rewards and as far as I can tell the ‘rewards’ never amount to much through the protocol, making it obsolete.

For reference the temple rage quit was proposed here, could an author of the space make something similar so those locked in the PitchFXS veFXS positions could exit as the protocol has not performed as it was described.

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Hey there! Would love to respond to this on behalf of the Pitch team! We’re definitely still building and are liquid.

We’re super sorry you’ve been running into trouble with the product suite. We certainly have rewards up and running on the pitchFXS/FRAX LP and have been working hard to maintain parity with FXS. Gauge rewards for incentivized gauges are also up and running through our governance console (our gauge incentives contract is available here). We have also implemented native veFXS yield passthrough in the form of gauge incentives for the pitchFXS gauge, which you can read more about here: Telegram: Contact @pitch_money. The next incentive will be going up shortly, but well ahead of the vote deadline.

I’d love to continue to speak through DM to get this right, so let me know if I can DM you. Alternatively, feel free to DM me any time both on Telegram or on the forums.

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Have sent you a direct message

Followed up there :slight_smile:

I would still like to push for an option to exit the pitchfxs position, like the rage quit proposals.
The adoption hasn’t happened and so the funds are stuck without generating yield and the pitchfxs/fxs pool has too small liquidity for me to exit without massive slippage.

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How did this get resolved?