PitchFxs scam? Please help

It appears to me that the project at pitch.money is dead and those funds locked in pitchfxs are extremely illiquid. Their voting snapshot and github seem to be a ghost town. This is a great disappointment as frax’s twitter itself was endorsing pitch on a number of occasions.

Is there some way to unlock pitchfxs’s FXS from the veFXS pool and return them to the holders?

I also lost money on the TWAMM of fraxswap which is completely broken and allowed the protocol to swap 5000 of my pitchFXS for 43 FRAX. It basically sold the coins into an empty opposite side of the pool, something which should not be possible.

Hope Sam and some admins can shed some light on this and help me recoup some of my very large losses.

Thank you.

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I am on the Pitch team and I can assure you this project is not dead and is not a scam.

I’m sorry you’re having such a bad experience. Please reach out to me on telegram so I can get some more information and get to the bottom of this.

Thank you,


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Hi Haym,

Thank you for getting back to me,

I don’t use telegram, so maybe you could DM me here on the forum?

The issues with the TWAMM are not yours and an issue with fraxswap that I hope the frax devs can address.

Maybe someone could tag them here?

Thank you.

Ok, I have DM’ed you.