Accept Solunea Dex's veSLNA free offer and add LP and bribes in Solunea Dex

Hey there! We’re Solunea, a ve(3,3) DEX that has successfully launched on zkSync and is now gearing up for Arbitrum! :rocket: Chronos has shown the power of ve(3,3), and we aim to be the public liquidity layer in Arbitrum’s DeFi ecosystem, fueling its growth. :globe_with_meridians:

We’ve set aside 25% of our initial supply for airdrops to committed protocols, considering factors like TVL, trade volumes & products. We’re targeting a mix of native Arbitrum & transitioning protocols. :dart:

We’ll seed Frax Protocol with 1% veSLNA to kickstart our partnership! :seedling: With our rebase model & balanced quantities, we’re building long-term relationships.

Vote for your pairs, attract LPs, deepen liquidity & woo voters with bribes to add value to your community! :star2: We’ve partnered with top protocols & can’t wait to join forces on Arbitrum ! :handshake:

Besides, to express our sincerity for partnership, we’d like to airdrop another 0.3% veSLNA to Frax community members. we will discuss detail list with Frax team .

Thanks for reading! Eagerly awaiting your support! :blush:

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