Frax x Asterisk Finance Partnership Proposal

We are Asterisk Finance, an emerging ve(3,3) DEX & Launchpad on zkSync.

Asterisk differentiates itself from other ve(3,3) DEXs with a novel rebasing model. The rebase rate starts at 100% during epochs 0 & 1 to incentivize early lockers & kickstart the flywheel, & the rate gradually reduces to 0% by epoch 38.

We believe that this model optimizes the benefits of rebasing without the drawbacks, kickstarting the flywheel & rewarding early lockers while reducing selling pressure & not discouraging latecomers.

We are also developing a launchpad so that we can seamlessly onboard new projects onto our DEX & support the zkSync ecosystem.

Once the code is fully developed we will be securing a reputable auditor. Right now we have completed KYC & an audit for our NFT sale contract.

This is what we seek from a partnership with Frax:

  • Listing FRAX &/or FPI, frxETH, FXS pairs on our DEX once we launch
  • Incentivizing Frax with a veAST airdrop equal to .6% of our supply (300,000 veAST) to bribe the pools & kickstart the flywheel
  • Offering a veAST airdrop equal to .5% of our supply (250,000 veAST) to the FRAX community

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