Enabling Early Unlock/Emergency Withdrawal Feature for Locked Pools

Recently we faced a very unfortunate incident when our MetaMask got hacked where we have a lot of FXS-FRAX LP tokens staked via that wallet and locked for whole 3 years with still 700+ days left.

We are getting FXS rewards from that pool and hacker is able to claim them smoothly now as they have deployed a front running bot and even if we withdraw rewards, their bot moves the claimed FXS instantly.

Since, this can happen to many other community members in future; hereby we propose the following.

1. Enabling early unlock/emergency withdrawal feature so that in such cases user can unlock the staked LP tokens, withdraw them immediately and can restake (or not) from another safe wallet.

This would greatly enhance the overall security and user perception of the whole FXS ecosystem.

if you can unlock your LP’s then so could the hacker if he has control of your wallet also.

Thats correct but since he has deployed a front running bot designed for FXS, they are not monitoring the wallet manually. We will have the first mover advantage and its a shot worthy to take.