FIP 27 - Whitelist Tokemak to Stake veFXS


Add to veFXS whitelist to be able to create veFXS locks, vote on gauges+earn farming boosts, and other future veFXS functions.

Background & Motivation: is a liquidity provision protocol. Their C.o.R.E. reactor event has FXS as a candidate for one of the genesis reactors. There will likely be other reactors as well including FRAX at a future date. To make sure that the TOKE community has incentive to explore liquidity provisioning for the full range of farms it is a good idea to whitelist the protocol so they can earn veFXS boosts should they deploy their LPs to FRAX gauges. This also gives Tokemak an incentive to intake FXS. Seeing as how Tokemak is a liquidity provisioning protocol, this is a great step to get them into the FRAX ecosystem.

For: Add Tokemak to veFXS whitelist

Against: Do nothing


Yes, definitely yes.

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feels like no downside here

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Actually i don’t see why we even need to whitelist veFX on smart contracts, seems like a win-win to any party