Whitelist Pickle Finance to Stake veFXS


Add Pickle Finance to veFXS whitelist to be able to create veFXS locks, vote on gauges+earn farming boosts, and other future veFXS features

Background & Motivation:

Pickle Finance is a yield maximizer which currently offers a range of “pickle jars” similar to Yearn’s vaults. A lot of these jars are wrapped+incentivized yearn vaults themselves like crvFRAX. Pickle has expressed interest in staking veFXS to offer its users higher yield on gauge farming pairs. This would expand Pickle’s offering as well as allow them to further incentivize selected gauge pairs with PICKLE. Overall, this seems like a win-win for both protocols if they work together. Essentially, Pickle would like to become the Yearn of FRAX the same way Yearn has an outsize position in veCRV. Since the Pickle community as well as Larry the cucumber are great people, I think that this is a strong addition to our veFXS protocol whitelist.

For: Add Pickle Finance to veFXS whitelist

Against: Do nothing


i see no down side to this

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Thank you for getting the ball rolling on this Sam :pray:

We at Pickle are very excited to work closer together with this community and really would strive to become the Yearn of FRAX.

I’ve started a reciprocal proposal to whitelist Frax to lock for DILL (Pickle’s veFXS) should your protocol ever wish to :slight_smile:


Thank you for the support Larry! I think this joint whitelisting sets a great precedent for future protocols how mutually beneficial integrations can go. I think the FRAX community is pretty excited to support this. Also it provides a great thing for us to build a Pickle AMO that we’ve had planned for a while and continue to compound DILL since we can lock it thanks to your whitelist proposal.


love this partnership for both sides, makes a lot of sense