[FIP - 274] Whitelist Flywheel DeFi to Stake veFXS


DeFi Dave


Whitelist Flywheel DeFi multi-sig to stake veFXS

Background and Motivation

For over the past year, Flywheel DeFi has been pioneering grassroots community involvement in the Frax community. We have been keeping our finger on the pulse on development, created comprehensive educational resources, and have played a major role in helping people understand Frax and ultimately onboarding them into the Frax ecosystem. Whitelisting Flywheel DeFi is a logical next step in increasing our involvement with the protocol.

As part of the grants we received from the Frax DAO, we have received a large portion of funding in FXS, accumulating a respectable stack. We at Flywheel want to take a bigger role in the governance of the Frax ecosystem which we can only do if we are whitelisted. We believe we are in a unique position at the nexus of community and advocacy to properly represent the will of those who decide to delegate to us. In addition, we would like to be able to put our idle FXS to work by staking it directly into veFXS, capturing the upside of protocol growth and further aligning incentives between us.


For: Whitelist Flywheel DeFi

Against: Do Nothing


I think I’m missing something here. Why do you need to whitelist to stake veFXS? Can only EOAs stake right now?

Yes, only EOAs can stake right now. Since multi-sigs are smart contracts they can’t.

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chad proposal, lock it

This proposal is up for voting here: Snapshot