FIP 33 - Whitelist Convex Finance to Stake veFXS

It’s time for this vote. Everyone knows what this is for by now :smiley:


Whitelist Convex Finance to stake veFXS.

Background & Motivation:

Convex Finance is the preeminent Curve aggregator that commands the majority of Curve staked liquidity. Convex has been potentially exploring in building aggregator farms for Frax gauges. To do this, they must be whitelisted to stake veFXS just like they are whitelisted on Curve.

FRAX also is the largest protocol holder of CVX. We have been early partners since Convex’s launch. We strongly support the Convex team and have been working with them for months.

This should be a fairly simple vote.

For: Whitelist Convex

Against: Do nothing


A thousand times yes.

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i see no down side to this.

Both communities have been eargerly awaiting this

100% back this proposal. Let the veFXS wars commence!

Definitely a for! Looking forward to this

Convex have been great partners with Frax. Let’s start the next phase of this collaboration.


Big Yes.
Seems like Convex is working on this for while already:

Hey, I was just curious. I’m a CVX staker, and I also already did a 4 year vote lock on my FXS. Would this allow me to delegate my voting power for veFXS to convex? Would I be able to stake my veFXS on Convex?

Yes. Fully support this.

this has been here for 10 days or so, i dont see any negative comments so i guess the only reason its not up for a vote is because Sam was overloaded with the FPI coding and maybe forgot about this.

i have posted this as a snapshot proposal so we can push this forward.

i suspect the vote will just be a formality.