[FPIIP- 6,7] Whitelist Convex and StakeDAO contracts


C2tP (Convex Finance)

Hubert (StakeDAO)


Background & Motivation

With the release of veFPIS, Convex and StakeDAO would like to continue their support of the Frax ecosystem. A whitelist would allow both platforms to lock FPIS, participate in governance, and build out systems and products for FPIS users.

To safeguard governance, StakeDAO uses a time weighted system in which users grow their governance weighting of a set time period until maturity. Convex uses another token and locking system (vlCVX) to keep a locking mechanic in place.

These platforms will have similarities with their previous platforms (cvxFxs and sdFxs) but we are also looking forward to exploring ideas for the greater ecosystem for all types of veFPIS.


Add the Convex and Stakedao contracts to the smart wallet checker contract attached to the veFPIS system.

Contracts will be very similar to the already deployed contracts for the FXS whitelist which can be found at:

  • Convex veFXS: 0x59CFCD384746ec3035299D90782Be065e466800B
  • StakeDAO veFXS: 0xCd3a267DE09196C48bbB1d9e842D7D7645cE448f


For: Add Convex and StakeDAO proxy addresses to the veFPIS smart wallet checker.

Against: Do nothing.


This proposal is up for voting:

[FPIIP-7] Vote for StakeDAO : Snapshot

[FPIIP-6] Vote for Convex : Snapshot