Whitelist keyTango to stake veFXS

In two weeks, keyTango will launch a FRAX-USDC LM program which will offer users unprecedented easy participation (one click UX, similar to Orion.Money for Anchor) in the pool, reduced gas cost (less than $100 USD) and boosted reward (by adding our native token $TANGO inflation emission to the program’s reward). We believe that this integration will make the FRAX-USDC LM pool even more lucrative to users, making it more accessible than ever, which in turn can increase FRAX’s TVL.

This integration alone will benefit FRAX’s project goals greatly, but we want to take it to the next level: We wish to be whitelisted to stake veFXS for our FRAX-USDC programs’ aggregated funds, and by so offering a unique, high performance DeFi experience, similar to what Convex did with Curve.
We have a great vision for how our protocols can collaborate in the future, and we believe that being whitelisted for vaFXS staking will have a tremendous effect on users’ adoption and thus FRAX’s long term success.

About keyTango
keyTango develops unmatched UX for the best DeFi products in the market.
We’re integrating the most lucrative, yet complicated DeFi products into our platform, and through smart contract automation and aggregation, saving the users all of the technical steps that these products usually require. Our users gain real-world value in each step of the investment process: easy access, reduced gas cost, informative decision making and much more.

We believe that DeFi should be accessible to everyone! In order to make it so, we’re laser focused on making the DeFi experience as simple, transparent, informative and valuable as can be, for all users’ experience levels.


I think the FRAX staking programs are pretty hard to handle for UNIV3 newbies like me, IMO adding a UX layer and and let users benefit from veFXS boosted rewards similar to convex is really cool

I think that this is a great proposal. This kind of collaboration can increase the buy pressure on veFRAX and introduce new users to FRAX. Specifically from keyTango’s Cosmos community - Secret Network, Terra /Anchor.

Makes sense to me! Easier staking of veFXS should be a win-win