[FIP-329] Whitelist Alchemix to Stake veFXS




Whitelist the Alchemix DAO Multi-sig to stake veFXS

Background and Motivation

Alchemix has long admired Frax and viewed them as a partner, sharing many synergies in the way we approach scaling our protocols. Frax was the inspiration for our AMOs, which are currently our largest driver of revenue to the DAO. We recently migrated our largest AMO from alETH-ETH to alETH-frxETH on Curve. Alchemix also provides FRAX and frxETH vaults, allowing self-repaying loans on these assets, and further utility for holding them. Since the days of the D4 pool, our protocols have been working together with co-incentives to provide additional yield to our LPs and to service additional synthetic alAsset demand from our users. Currently Alchemix and Frax maintain partner pools on Main net, Arbitrum and Optimism, and provide co-incentives on a majority of pools together.

In addition to direct incentives, Alchemix has long been accumulating and locking CRV, CVX and various other liquidity-driving assets to help scale the size and effectiveness of our pools. (see https://alchemix-stats.com/ for details) Now that the majority of our AMOs operate on pools that pair alAssets with Frax assets, we would like to begin locking FXS as well. In order to do so at the DAO level, we need to be able to lock from our multisig. This will allow us to increase the efficiency of our joint pools, further align incentives between our protocols, and continue to foster an already great relationship between our teams.

Thank you for your consideration.


For: Whitelist the Alchemix DAO Multisig to stake veFXS
Against: Do Nothing

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This proposal is up for voting here: Snapshot