[FIP-284] Flywheel Website Subsidy


DeFi Dave


Grant Flywheel $12.5k to help subsidize completed website upgrade costs.

Heatmap of where visitors are clicking on the Flywheel homepage shows that the Frax 101 tab is the most popular item


Flywheel DeFi has established itself as the premier content destination for anyone looking to enter the Frax ecosystem. From our weekly programming to curation of community initiatives such as FraxBUILD and the Frax Educational Initiatives to our IRL events, we view Flywheel as an extension of the Frax ecosystem and it is our core mission to spread the Frax gospel far and wide.


Recently, Flywheel rebuilt its website to better reflect its mission and ambitions. We proudly display our commitment to Frax on the homepage and have multiple sections dedicated to Frax education and awareness. Screenshots that are in this proposal that exemplify this include:

  • Heatmap of Flywheel homepage that shows Frax 101 is the most clicked-on item

  • Frax 101 section that is filled with links to explainers, tutorial videos, and more technical documentation

  • Frax Alpha section in articles for people to keep up to date with the latest updates

  • Link to Frax education incentives for people to participate in it

The total cost for the site was $25k, however, we are requesting to have the website partially subsidized by the Frax DAO.

Flywheel has become the go-to resource for people who want to learn about Frax. This retroactive grant would be a sign of support from the wider community and assist us in continuing to do our work.


For: Grant Flywheel $12.5k to subsidize completed website development

Against: Do Nothing


I want to express my appreciation for Flywheel DeFi and its invaluable contributions to the Frax ecosystem. As someone introduced to Frax through Flywheel, I can personally attest to the impact Flywheel brings in attracting, educating, and informing new users.

I support this proposal based on the trust I have in the Flywheel team’s judgment and capability. For the broader Frax community’s assurance, providing a clear breakdown of the upgrade costs and showcasing any metrics related to improved engagement could enhance transparency and bolster support.


I first learned about Frax when I heard Sam K discussing stablecoins and his general crypto philosophy on a podcast about a year ago. He’s an engaging speaker that sets a hook, but then what? While Sam K peaked my interest, it was the team over at FlyWheel that converted me to a full throated Fraximalist. The DeFi landscape is full to scammers and shillers and when we’re trying to preach the good word that is Frax, having a team like FlyWheel take charge so the builders can build is exactly what this space needs to bring on the next wave of adopters. The new website is fire and the ROI on the continued investment into the FlyWheel team will be some of the best money spent.


When you don’t want to scroll through telegram updates, the flywheel YTchannel and website does the trick. Appreciate the resource and detail in the articles and the yt videos: frax weekly + frax check series are both great.

I didn’t think the teller defi video was worth the expenditure but supporting flywheel and this channel is of high value imo.


This proposal is up for voting here: Snapshot

Flywheel has become THE central location to keep tabs on all things Frax. The quality and quantity of content generated by their team is undoubtedly a major onboarding source and should be rewarded. This website can and ought to become a hub for education on the Frax ecosystem.

I’m 100% behind this proposal, as Flywheel exemplifies how content generation can benefit a crypto project.