Have Frax Support Gnosis Safe Compatibility

At Flywheel, we have quite a bit of extra Frax that we would like to put in Fraxlend in order to earn extra yield. I tried to sign in our multi-sig into the Frax app but Frax doesn’t support Safe app functionality.

This is a problem not just for Flywheel, but any treasury that holds Frax in it and wants to deploy into Frax-native primitives but can’t.

Here is a link to the SAFE SDK. I am not sure the difficulty of implementing this but I can’t imagine it being too hard Safe Apps SDK - Developer Docs

This post is a signal and if it gets support I will make it a more formal proposal.


The Frax front end app does indeed support all Safe transactions, WalletConnect, and a plethora of other wallets. If you need help on how to connect properly, message the moderators on the Telegram channel. They would be happy to help.