Limit FXB Max Lock for Staking to the Maturity Date

Today I noticed that some people are locking FXB products with a 1 year maturity to a 3 year lock. The FXB’s have a manual redemption mechanism, and can be remain locked in a LP stake after they mature. But it’s a bad user UX and I’m sure some people will mistakenly lock their FXB’s for 3 years and not understand maturity and redemption mechanism.

I’d like to propose limiting the max lock for FXB’s to their maturity dates. This would prevent any future “rage quit” posts about how people didn’t understand redemptions.

To prevent major changes to the staking contracts, this limit would be imposed on the front end.


Agree, having the option to lock for more than the maturity period is simply bad design.

Ragequit should also be made free for the people who already locked for 3 years after maturity.