Orkan-Frax partnership - dual-incentivized (ORK-FRAX) liquidity pool on Fantom

Launch an ORK-FRAX dual incentivized liquidity pool on Fantom

Summary - Hi Frax Community! I am from Strudel DAO, and was encouraged by the core team to submit a proposal to the community for a dual incentivized liquidity pool between Orkan and Frax. Orkan was recently launched on Fantom by Strudel DAO. Orkan will act as a meta-governance protocol over liquidity flow within the FTM ecosystem with emphasis placed on Bitcoin accumulation.

Abstract - The partnership would ideally function along similar lines to the dual incentivized OHM-FRAX pool, with Orkan providing ORK and Frax providing Frax shares (FXS). Orkan would deploy ORK-FRAX bonds and offer ORK at a discount in exchange for ownership of said pool. Ideally we’d control a majority share of the pool and continue to expand liquidity. Frax would obtain (discounted) ORK through ORK-FRAX bonds.

Motivation - This arrangement could be mutually beneficial for both protocols. For Orkan, it’d allow us to gain more exposure and grow our liquidity. Frax would expand their liquidity and acquire an asset with potential for high appreciation and investment returns. Both tokens would benefit from increased demand as a result of the pool.

Orkan status- Since launch on Fantom, Orkan has partnered with SpiritSwap, Liquid Driver, and recently, Beefy Finance and Moonpot. Orkan has a boosted farm on SpiritSwap and recently received a vault from Beefy. A shadow farm is currently being developed by Liquid Driver and plans for a boosted farm are being discussed with Ola Finance.

Benefits -

Relatively low-risk and high-reward from exposure to Ork through Ork-Frax bonds.

Potential for considerable treasury growth.

Increased token demand and deeper liquidity pool.

Drawbacks -

Potential for lack of pool activity/adoption.

Potential for decrease in asset values.


https: // medium. com/ @strudeldao/orkan-protocol-directive-a59749ca2d4b

https: //orkan. finance/ #/dashboard

Hi seems like a LOBIS clone which didn’t work out, I would wait to see Orkan grow first before supplying rewards. Either way, I think you are free to spin a proposal to add ORK-FRAX to the gauge, I think Olympus is trying something similar but some of the Frax community have had disagreements, one of them beign that OHM is an inflationary token and people wouldn’t be attracted to stake on it and at the very least it should be gOHM, but I think that discussion hasn’t moved forward.

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i got this far … some questions.

you want to use an ETH based governance system to direct rewards to FTM so you can sell them for BTC ?

kinda seems a bit odd.

is this project related to LOBIS in any way , kinda seems like a carbon copy of their protocol , just on different chain.

we have been burnt by this sort of investment before. mass inflation coins that print themselves to death, governance protocols that refuse to lock up tokens.