<staking Frax no funciona

Hola todos !!, hace unos cuantos meses deje de recibir las recompensas por el staking, y lo tengo bloqueado por 4 años. Necesitaria ayuda al respecto. Gracias !!

Which farm are you staked in?

Thanks for the reply.

I copy the corresponding screen to file. I staked on 05/21, and received the rewards on file for just a few months, and then the number on file didn’t change anymore. Thanks greetings

How can I see which farm I’m stationed on? Thank you !!

the image is the veFXS staking pool.

Or is that okay? I consult, because before FXS accredited me directly. Thank you !!

your FXS is staked and locked for another 3 years.

you can claim your FXS back once the time lock runs out.
time leff

And why am I not receiving rewards? Thanks a lot!

with 500 veFXS you will only get about 0.5 FXS a month , so its prob to small to notice