Deploy Frax Ferry on Moonriver

The vote failed so I am creating another topic because frax is getting depeged on Moonriver and lot of funds is stuck there. From technical perspective that should not be a problem so let hope to get enough votes this time (lot of ppl didnt vote probably because of Christmas time)

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I fully support it. Let’s revote!

Based on FIP-102 we only do revote for proposals that have not hit quorum 1 time but met 90% of quorum. So this proposal can not be reposted for a vote.

ok so do I understand it correctly that we cannot revote again on proposal if it has been voted down with only exception of FIP-102 where it met 90% of quorum? Where is it excatly said that you once its voted down you cannot make another vote?

Common sense. But I think as you have posted, we can have a new proposal for another exception and see if the community agrees.

we should be able to revote or at least make another proposal to deploy fraxferry on moonriver. otherwise the team is basically not considering people that have funds stuck on moonriver while the team can actually help and make it happen?

Currently, our governance process does not allow any revote for rejected proposals. Still, after getting many requests for this ferry revote, we came up with a new proposal to create a guideline for a revote so that this request can proceed.

Please be patient and vote for the upcoming FIP. Then, we can have a revote for this!

Frax on Moonriver is canonical token, so Frax Finance protocol is liable to honor it. If for whatever reason Frax Finance is not interested in supporting Moonrive anymore, why not redeem it from Moonriver and issue them on ETH? The protocol needs to operate with a common sense, and let one whale control the outcome is no good for the long term benefit of the protocol. If Frax team does not think FraxFerry is a good idea, then provide another solution for that.

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