[FIP - 115] Join The Tie's Institutional Pilot Program


DeFi Dave (Flywheelpod / PIF Labs), Jack Melnick (@yonijmel / The Tie)


Partner with The Tie to increase institutional understanding, data access, and contact points for the FRAX ecosystem. This will be directly accomplished through a series of concrete deliverables, including:

  • Data Integration - Social, News, On-Chain
  • Analytics focused around FRAX KPIs and Protocol Health
  • Research and Video content designed to educate institutions on FRAX, and how best to get involved in the FRAX ecosystem
  • Connect FRAX’s most knowledgeable advocates directly to institutions via roadshows, messaging, and meeting scheduling

Background and Motivation

Motivation: Provide FRAX with the opportunity to tell their story, in their words, to institutions- presenting data and information in a fairer and more accurate way, while also finding common ground with crypto’s most powerful investors.

The Tie is the leading provider of information services for digital assets. Our core offering, The Tie Terminal, is the fastest and most comprehensive workstation for institutional digital asset investors. The Terminal brings together real-time news from thousands of primary sources, with sentiment analytics, spot and derivatives, alternative, and on-chain data in a powerful and customizable platform. The Tie’s clients include more than one-hundred of the leading traditional and crypto-native hedge funds, OTC desks, market makers, trading venues, banks, sell-side firms, and other institutional market participants.

Flywheelpod is a groundbreaking media and education platform that aims to increase awareness of Frax, as well as shine a spotlight on the global top builders and commentators on-chain. Our flagship podcast, Flywheelpod, is one of the fastest growing DeFi podcasts and has broken stories ranging from Fraxlend alpha to the “Real Yield” meme. Frax Check is a weekly update of how the Frax protocol is performing and gives an overview of the latest in governance. In addition, Money Moves leads the philosophical discussion around monetary policy while StableClaire helps beginners understand the basics of stablecoins.

Problems Facing Token-Investor Relations:

  1. Data in the cryptocurrency space is fragmented, and existing platforms often paint token issuers in an inaccurate and unflattering light. Public companies get to provide context and clarity in their quarterly reports and IR dashboards, why shouldn’t tokens?

  2. In a market full of noise, it is difficult for many tokens to figure out which institutions matter and how to reach them

  3. In a cyclical, narrative driven, and fast moving market, important updates and top projects are often overlooked as investors constantly chase hype and ignore substance.

Plan of Action & Deliverables:

  1. Bespoke Metric Dashboard (Images are Stand-Ins)

  1. Verified Supply Schedule

  1. In Depth Asset Coverage

  1. Corporate Access via Messenger, Calendar Integration for Investors to book meetings directly with FRAX representatives, Annual Virtual Roadshow.

  1. Public Coverage - Asset verification report published on The Tie’s blog breaking down token, differentiators, token-economic model, and opportunities. Combination effort between Flywheelpod and Jack, who has extensive experience writing about and translating FRAX for institutional investors.

  2. Two seats to the The Tie Terminal to facilitate two-way connectivity with the 150+ funds using the platform (Normally priced at $12k/year). To be allocated by Flywheelpod with input from the FRAX team, until FRAX core protocol builds out an official marketing team.

Final Notes:

  • Early adopter pricing of $25K/year all-inclusive
  • Limited to twenty partners at launch
  • Confirmed Launch Partners include Avalanche and Polygon


For: Join The Tie’s pilot program and authorize a $25,000 payment for a 1-year commitment, open to renewal

Against: Do Nothing


Hi Everyone - Jack, from The Tie here! Long-time FRAX author and community member.

The goal with this partnership is to collaborate with our friends at Flywheelpod to help FRAX tell its story in front of the biggest audiences. We know that FRAX marketing has been limited, so it’s important to be very tactical in how content is framed; none of this will be heavy handed, and we want to fully capture all of the intricacies of FPIS, FRAX, ETH staking, and more, while making it relatable for Traditional Finance.

Always open to any questions / concerns!

I like this concept! And I believe it is in line with the promotion DNA of FRAX. I will support this.

Tie is a start-up and FRAX will be betting on their success to on-ramp investors onto the platform. Thus I’m hoping Defi Dave will verify the team’s legitimacy.

For those wanting more color on this proposal, check this out: Jack from The Tie make his case for FIP-115 - Fraxcheck #8 - YouTube


This proposal is up for voting here : Snapshot