[FIP - 253] Add rETH/frxETH(StaFi protocol) to FXS gauge controller


  • Proposal to add the rETH/frxETH(StaFi protocol) to the FXS gauge controller.

Background And Motivation

Building on the momentum of [FIP - 229 ], which extended FXS gauge eligibility to pools and vaults with frxETH, we now have an opportunity to stimulate further growth of frxETH.

StaFi is already full supporting on the ideals that frax team wanted to achieve. We already proposed this few months ago with FIP-220 but is not yet the right moment at that time. Now along with the latest proposal which is FIP-241 , We believe that rETH/frxETH(StaFi Protocol) would be a great addition and would greatly contribute to the ideals of frax.

rETH/frxETH(StaFi Protocol) Curve Pool:

Curve Pool Address: link

Pool / Token : 0xfcc067efb7be2eebd32615f14fc22195abb68e9b

Gauge : 0xb0549599d8446a196541de11008ef5e79fa14f57


  • For: Add the rETH/frxETH(StaFi Protocol) Curve pool to the FXS gauge controller
  • Against: Do nothing

This proposal is up for voting here: Snapshot