User experience enhancement

Please add a dashboard which shows a user’s current positions (amount staked + claimable). Preferably add a future outlook on APR daily, weekly and yearly (similar as vfat).
Finally, a claim all button which shows the accrued amount of yield and allows for a single click claim all positions would be helpful.


We could put up an FXS bounty for a dashboard like this from the community fund!

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adding a future outlook on earnings is risky , rewards are normally paid out in coins that can change 5-20% in a day , so predicting the price they will be in 6 months time is not easy. this will make any prediction number pretty useless.

there is also a risk of people seeing a high number and then getting paid much less, this will make some noob investors feel like they where scammed because they didnt get what they where expecting.

the “claim all” button would be nice